Authorized Member Service Provider


is the educational and recruiting platform for sales partner acquistion. Once we receive an inquiry and complete a quick discovery call we can decide which program is the best fit for our clients.


Our affiliate Novera Payment Solutions, LLC is a registered and Authorized Member Service Provider of Worldpay and supports additional platform relationships as well. 


Worldpay has maintained a reputation that continues to build on quality customer service and high tech business solutions. WorldPay currently supports hundreds of thousands of merchants who utilize virtually all types of processing solutions from a wide range of industries. Because WorldPay is dedicated to creating an atmosphere devoted to a customer service standard not found in the industry, they have established a well-trained team of individuals ready to customize a service approach that is just right for our merchants. 

Worldpay was established based on the belief that first-rate service organizations can only be built by providing the best customer service in the industry. To effectively accomplish this, Worldpay maintains a highly trained staff of customer support individuals to answer customer inquiries via a toll-free number. Representatives are trained to answer all questions pertaining to bankcard processing activity; including those regarding chargebacks and risk management. Trained technicians handle terminal procedures and software problems. 


Worldpay understands the importance of helping customers meet and exceed their overall business objectives. To achieve this, the company provides a complete line of products and services that can be tailored to suit the bankcard processing needs of almost any business. Because WorldPay maintains a set of liberal approval guidelines; they are able to offer non-cash processing solutions for various business types, including E-commerce, wholesale, restaurants, retail, and almost any business type in between. Worldpay offers advanced technology and flexibility with a personalized touch to structure programs that can maximize your revenues and ease the pressures that are normally associated with “watching the bottom line.” In addition, Worldpay offers its merchants the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all accounts are being reviewed for potential risk situations that may cause loss to a merchant. This review includes checking for credit card fraud and assistance with retrieval and chargeback processes that, if not handled properly, can also lead to financial risk to your business. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a superior multi - platform experience for sales partners. To provide a intersection of technology solutions  & processing solutions all in one market place The communication and speed in which we deliver this experience will be the reason for our success.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a world-class multi platform distribution channel. Delivering a marketplace for POS solutions and independent sales agents to thrive instead of just survive. We aspire to be the leader in this concept creating stakeholder satisfaction in the regions that we serve.


Our Work Team

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    Marketing & Client Management Agent